Behave Ecosystem

The following tools and extensions try to simplify the work with behave.

IDE Plugins

IDE Plugin Description
PyCharm PyCharm BDD PyCharm 4 (Professional edition) has built-in support for behave.
PyCharm Gherkin PyCharm/IDEA editor support for Gherkin.
Eclipse Cucumber-Eclipse Plugin contains editor support for Gherkin.
VisualStudio cuke4vs VisualStudio plugin with editor support for Gherkin.

Editors and Editor Plugins

Editor Plugin Description
gedit gedit_behave gedit plugin for jumping between feature and step files.
Gherkin editor An editor for writing *.feature files.
Notepad++ NP++ gherkin Notepad++ editor syntax highlighting for Gherkin.
Sublime Text Cucumber (ST Bundle) Gherkin editor support, table formatting.
Sublime Text Behave Step Finder Helps to navigate to steps in behave.
vim vim-behave vim plugin: Port of vim-cucumber to Python behave.


Tool Description
cucutags Generate ctags-like information (cross-reference index) for Gherkin feature files and behave step definitions.