Testing Domains

Behave and other BDD frameworks allow you to provide step libraries to reuse step definitions in similar projects that address the same problem domain.

Step Libraries

Support of the following testing domains is currently known:

Testing Domain Name Description
Command-line behave4cmd Test command-line tools, like behave, etc. (coming soon).
Web Apps behave-django Test Django Web apps with behave (solution 1).
Web Apps django-behave Test Django Web apps with behave (solution 2).
Web, SMS, … behaving Test Web Apps, Email, SMS, Personas (step library).

Step Usage Examples

This examples show how you can use behave for testing a specific problem domain. This examples are normally not a full-blown step library (that can be reused), but give you an example (or prototype), how the problem can be solved.

Testing Domain Name Description
GUI Squish test Use Squish and Behave for GUI testing (cross-platform).
Robot Control behave4poppy Use behave to control a robot via pypot.
Web pyramid_behave Use behave to test pyramid.
Web pycabara-tutorial Use pycabara (with behave and Selenium).

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